Monday, October 21, 2013

Quadruple the Fun ~ Part 3 ~ Kyle!

Happy Birthday, Kyle!
We thank God for the blessing of you!!!
You are truly a delight to our souls!
(Psalm 29:17)
(Fun Dress-up Outfits Thanks to Meemom! : -)
Of all the things Kyle is and does,
being a big brother 
has always been one of his most favorite things in life!
(And he is an awesome brother!) 
 He was especially thrilled and thankful when he was
blessed with brothers!

Of course, he's pretty crazy about his sisters, too!
And his siblings love him very much! 
Why, his sisters even play baseball with him
when he wants to play!
See, here's proof . . . even Lydia is playing!
(That is, when we were able to pull her away
from her socializing! ;-)
Victoria is up-to-bat . . .
 but what is going on behind the scenes near second base?
 Looks like Daddy and Mr. J. are conspiring to catch Mr. T. in his attempt to steal third!

 However, as you can see in the next picture,
Mr. T. made it safely home,
and Victoria is now approaching second!
 Wow, even sacrificing her well-being, as she slides into second! ;-)
 And thanks to Issariah for saving the photographer
from this incoming ball!
We had such an awesome time at Kyle's birthday BBQ and baseball bash!
THANK YOU sooooo much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!!
For lots more pictures and a play-by-play commentary on the entire game . . .
(well, not quite!:-)
please go to Kyle's blog here,  Extraordinary Existence .
And last but not least,
his birthday meal choices . . .
Jambalaya and brown rolls for dinner!

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

Apple pie for dessert!
(His sisters spoil him pretty good, too! ;-)

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Meemom said...

Happy Birthday Kyle. You have certainly morphed into a handsome, strong and Godly man from the time these eariler pictures were made. We are so proud of you and your stand for Christ. We love you so very much, Meemom and Papa Bob

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