Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quadruple the Fun! ~ Part 2 ~ Valerie!

Can't believe it's been 17 years!!!!
We love having a special, individual day to celebrate each of the quadruplets!
Recently, we celebrated VALERIE HOPE!!
Here are a few pictures of her growing up! 
 As most of you know, she's been crazy about babies from the very beginning!
When she was little,
this love of nurturing babies,
often carried over to our first Labrador, Annie, as well!
As she has grown-up,
 her love for babies has grown into a love for all children,
particularly orphans. 
And what's really cool,
as it turns out,
God has provided a way for her to use her love for Labradors,
to help fund her passion for orphan care! : -)
Sure love seeing how God is always at work,
bringing to pass His good purposes and plans for each of us!
Glory be to God!  
General Tso and orange chicken dinner
Special French toast breakfast!

Apple brownies!

Happy 17th Birthday, Valerie!
We are so grateful for you,
and love watching all the good things God
is doing in and through you!
You are pure joy to us!!!

1 comment:

Meemom said...

Happy Birthday sweet Valerie!!!!
We are so proud of you as you are very special!!! Loved the pictures.
Much love , Meemom

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