Friday, October 4, 2013

First Days of October!

We've had a full first few days of October!
with some fun "firsts" and a couple extra-special big events in our family!
Since moving here 9 years ago,
we have been very blessed with using Costco car canopies for our "barns,"
both to house the farm animals and their hay.
They've really worked great . . .most of the time . . .
except for the times when the roofs and sides have ripped and/or been blown away!
(And the kids haven't particularly enjoyed moving hay in the middle of the night. ;-)   
So, in the back of their minds, the girls have always had this
 romantic notion of having a "real" barn one day! :-)
Well, after nine years of waiting and saving,
Victoria and Caroline just purchased a real metal "barn!"
They even chose barn red for the color!
After Daddy, Kyle and the girls did lots of prep work for the foundation,
it was put up by three men (in the rain) in only four hours! 
Woo hoo!
What a big day!
Then, another huge milestone for Kyle arrived in a couple big boxes!
After three or more years in the works,
Kyle holds in his hand one of the copies of his published book,
 Crossroads of the Other World!
You can find out more about it at:
Brielle was given her very first doll baby today,
by a very special friend! (pictured below ;-)
Thanks so much, Carolyn for a wonderful day together!

We also had a wonderful mid-week visit at the home of some new friends we met at the home school kick-off picnic that invited our family and another family over for dinner! 
They were very brave . . . and very hospitable!
It was a big group and very enjoyable!
 We had lots of fun, food and fellowship!
What a blessing!
We hope to do these get-together more often!
Valerie was very excited about receiving her long-anticipated, special-ordered copy
of SCC's new album!  And she's counting down the hours to his concert tomorrow night!
~We also praise the Lord for another
great check-up
in Seattle for Richie this week! ~

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Meemom said...

Nice looking Barn, and no more middle of the night scurrying to move hay. That is wonderful. Your book sounds very interesting Kyle. We will be excited to have our copy. Love you all so much, Meemom

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