Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Live and Learn!

We hit the books hard yesterday,
with it being deemed our official start to the 2013-2014 school year. 
(Although, we like to say that we're teaching and learning every day of the year,
no matter what we are doing!) 
But one must also learn to read and write well,
and though it doesn't always come easy to "sit a spell" for the boys,
we give them lots of opportunities for breaks and to move their active little bodies.  
Also, giving them some time to be creative . . . 
and still get dirty!

Love my boys!


Cathy Matson said...

I so enjoy your posts, Robyn! The boys are getting such a wonderful education. God bless!

Lydia said...

Those are all such great pictures! The boys have such a happy life, just as all of the rest of us kids! they are all SO adorable!
Love you!!!

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Cathy!
What a special blessing to receive your kind words of encouragement! So refreshing! Thanks so much!!!
YOU are such a blessing! I really enjoy your writing and pictures!! What a wonderful, abundant life we enjoy in Christ! Thank you, Lord!

Thanks again for the sweet note!!!

The Bowes Family said...

My Dear Sweet Lydia,
Thanks so much for your encouraging notes. All of you "kids" are such a tremendous, amazing blessing to Daddy and I!!! There is no greater JOY for us than to know that our children are walking with the Lord, and that they enjoy such a happy, abundant life in Christ. Glory be to God! I love you so much,

Meemom said...

What a busy life for 3 little boys.
Looks like they are having a great time... especially when it comes to makling roads in the dirt for the tractors. Looks like someone got a new washing machine. Those boxes make excellent machine gun tanks. I think you need a dryer too so we can have more tanks. Love to you all, Meemom

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