Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August 1st!

"O how abundant is Thy goodness,
which Thou hast laid up for those who fear Thee . .  ."
Psalm 31:19a
So thankful this morning for the special time
we had with Papa and Grammie!
So grateful for their making the long journey here,
 all the fun times we shared,
the sweet memories we made together,
and the many ways they blessed us!
On our last evening together,
they enjoyed seeing Caroline and Victoria's "special" goats : -),
and Papa Bob and Meemom's rock walls that Kyle built.
we played a rip-roaring game of Farkle!
And now,
back to the arm wrestling competition from the night before.
Papa and Kyle had a little "trash talking" going on
before their visit in regards to being able to take each other in an arm wrestling match. 
 The first round goes to old age and treachery,
as Papa distracts and defeats his opponent before Kyle even knew what happened! 

Second round, however,
goes to youth and "rock wall" strength!

 Which leads to other youth wanting to test the strength of the patriarch. . .


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