Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fair time!

We always look forward to our local, small-town fair! 
There are always lots of fun things for the family to do! 
Victoria and Caroline have really been looking forward to showing their goats there as well!

 One of the first things the boys did is go fishing in this little pool,
which was sponsored by the Washington Game and Fish Department.

They put all the boys' names in a raffle and so we came back a little while later,
and Timmy actually won this fishing pole!  Woo hoo!

 The boys really enjoyed this kids' area.
They had some really cool bubble makers using straws and string!
Benjamin just had fun playing in the bubble solution! : -)
 Of course, the "penny scramble" is always a huge hit!
They find not only coins, but McDonald's ice-cream cone coupons and bowling coupons!

Benjamin the muttin buster!
(The blue teeth are from the sucker found in the hay pictured above. ;-)

Joe was five pounds over the limit this year,
so this is his version of muttin bustin'!!
Kyle and Timmy sure had fun with this new event. . .
shooting arrows at each other!
Here, they are getting their instructions!

 They did this for about an hour on Saturday,
and 1/2 hour on Sunday!
They enjoyed it very much!
And last but not least . . .
or perhaps most importantly ;-),
Victoria and Caroline's boer goat showing! 
They all did a great job,
and were very pleased with their winnings!
This show was really a boost for their Crossroads Boer Goat business!  
Here, Dandi is getting prettied-up for the show ring!
 First up, was Paintball.  She is a "percentage" doe,
which means 50-94% boer goat.
She won first place in her class, then went on to win Jr. (0-12 mo.) Percentage Reserve Champion! 
 Here, the judge is explaining why he chose Paintaball as the Reserve Grand Champion! : -)

 Dandi won first place in her class, and then went on to win Jr. Champion!!! 
 After she won, they have to confirm she is who they say she is by her tattoos in her ears.

Then, Saturday's showing of Dazzle and Liberty.
They did much better the 2nd day!  ;-)

Here, they are being shown with the new judge on Sunday . . .

 Liberty won first out of a class of 7, and then went on to win Junior Champion!
 Here, Liberty and Dandi are competing for Junior Champion (the one Dandi won the day before.)

Way to go Liberty! 

Oh, but we can't forget Paintball!
She did amazingly well again!
In fact, she went from Reserve Champion on day 1,
to Grand Champion on day 2!!!

Good job, Paintball!


AZDonna said...

Wow, those are some beautiful goats! At least I think so, but I'm no goat expert. :) Thankfully the judges at the fair were and could see how much they deserved to win all the ribbons they did! Congratulations, Victoria and Caroline!!

The boys looked so cute in their escapades. Sounds like such a fun time.

Meemom said...

Congratulations Caroline and Victoria!!!!! Sounds like you are at the top of the top. Job well done!!! Looks like the fair is getting funner and funner each year with all the activities the boys can be a part of. Congrats to Timothy for winning the fishing pole. It all looks like a great time. Much love, Meemom

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