Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of Summer 2013 (Almost ;-)

Can't believe it is mid-August already!  
I do love the seasons here,
and although summer isn't one of my favorite seasons,
I have to say that there ARE many good things God has given us to enjoy in the summertime! 
I thank Him for each and every one!
Here's a few more pictures of summer around our house!
Thank you Lord, for a variety of cool, summertime treats!
These popsicles are even made with real strawberries! : -)

We've been harvesting as much rhubarb as we can from our plant
and from the generous offer of our neighbor's plant! 
We have been especially enjoying Valerie's amazing sour-cream rhubarb pie!
We have been hearing from many who have tasted it,
 that it is the BEST rhubarb pie they have EVER had!
: -)
Thankfully, Timmy LOVES rhubarb pie, and is often the one to happily harvest and chop it all up!
Thank you Lord, for this interesting little plant called rhubarb that makes awesome pies!
(On a side note, I wondered what rhubarb is considered . . a fruit or vegetable?
So I googled it and found on Wikipedia . . .
"Rhubarb is usually considered to be a vegetable; however, in the United States, a New York court decided in 1947 that since it was used in the United States as a fruit, it was to be counted as a fruit for the purposes of regulations and duties. A side effect was a reduction on imported rhubarb tariffs, as tariffs were higher for vegetables than fruits.")

The finished rhubarb-strawberry pie is on the right . . .
and an apple pie on the left,
 for hard-working-lumberjack-Kyle.
(The blueberry pie made for hard-working-lumberjack-Daddy
is still in the oven . . .
all over it . . .
waiting to be cleaned up . . .
after Mommy went to get it out
and accidentally dropped it upside down!)
Speaking of our lumberjacks . . .  
below are pictures from this weekend's project. 
The guys are chopping up a giant big-leaf maple tree that came down in our forest.
It should provide enough fire wood for us for the entire winter. 
Thank you Lord, for providing for our comfort in the wintertime through downed trees!
Our super strong, 6'5" log-splitter is AWESOME,
and does a fantastic job! ; -)
 Looks like Joe is working hard as the work-site supervisor?
 Looks like little Benjamin is cheering them on from the back of the pick-up truck!

The boys were very excited this week to buy a slip-n-slide after our sweet friend, Carolyn, gifted Timmy with a special treat after his cavity-filling visit to the dentist on Thursday!
Thank you Lord, for sweet, thoughtful friends, fun summer toys, and a plentiful water supply!

 Ted is super excited about his grapes!
This is the first year that our grape vine is producing grapes.
And Ted is sure that the pruning he did in the spring is what caused such an abundance!
Thank you, Lord for all the sunshine to grow the grapes,
and for the valuable life lessons you teach us through gardening!
 Our garden that Lydia planted for us while we were away on our trip is looking good!
Thank you Lord, for all the variety of nourishing foods you have blessed us with,
and for how they always grow as you have created them, from seeds after their kind.
And for a most amazing daughter that took the time to bless us in planting them all!  : -)

And I sure enjoy all the summer flowers!!
Thank you Lord, for all the wonderful colors and varieties!
 I always wanted hydrangeas when we lived in Arizona!
And now I have four beautiful plants!
They are soooo pretty!
I am enjoying them sooo much!
 And I love this flower arrangement representing
my five beautiful daughters.  : -)
(There are salmon colored ones in there.  They are on the lower left side.)
 I'm really enjoying the colorful impatiens that I planted in this little planter beside our driveway.
I have tried many other flowers in there other years
and they didn't do well.
I finally wised up and realized that it is because this area only gets morning sun.
The impatiens love it! 
 And then, one of my most favorite summer things . . .
my little seasonal pets.
Isn't God good in creating such amazing little creatures! : -)
Thank you Lord!
 And one of Ted's most favorite summer things . . .
lots of fresh blueberries!
Thank you Lord, for these tasty and healthy little berries that we can eat in so many fun ways!
We really must stop eating them all though,
and get lots frozen for the winter months!
(We'll probably be buying a couple more of these 20lb boxes before we're finished!  The awesome thing is, our little town is full of blueberry growers/sellers!)
 And then, just last night,
Timmy organized this all-family slumber party in the living room with a cool breeze coming through the big window!
Thank you Lord for cool breezes after warm summer days!
(Timmy LOVES having slumber parties, but it is not very often that he is able to recruit many of his siblings!)


Lydia said...

That picture of Benjamin with the Popsicle is so adorable! I'm sure Timmy was awfully excited to have everyone in on the slumber party last night. Oh what fun LOL
Richie and I saw the wood cutting work you were doing down in the woods last Saturday. Richie noticed the tractor and we turned around to see what was going on back there. No one was around, but we got out of the car and looked at all the work that had been done. I particularly liked the hoe-holder on the back of the tractor. Very creative LOL
Love you guys!!!!

Meemom said...

Since I can't come to Washington, is there a way to get the strawberry rubarb pie to Arizona. It sure looks good. Yes, Kyle, you can always come to Arizona for an extended summer. In fact I will trade places with you. I think all your rock building turned you into Paul Bunyan. I cannot believe 6'5".
Obviously turned you into a great log cutter. Sure miss you and love you all. Meemomdasrej13

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