Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Triple A's from CA Here for a Visit!

We are so blessed to have our sweet friends, Audrey, Austin, and Ambria, staying with us for a week!
 When Kyle, Caroline, Valerie and Victoria went to pick them up at the Portland airport,
they asked a nice passer-byer in the parking lot to snap these two pictures of them!  
 First up . . . lunch!

 Then, they graciously helped us with a couple projects around the house!

 The girls (minus Caroline, who was inside folding mounds of laundry) cleaned the garage! :- )
 Nap-time  . . . .  
 Then . . . off to the lake!
 It was another warm day . . . somewhere in the 90's!

 Kyle and Austin having a friendly wrestling match in the water! ;-)

 Lots of splashing and throwing each other in the water!

These geese were pretty to look at in the water . . .
and fun to hold on land. : -)

"Smash Face!" 

 More "Smash Face!"

 More cuteness!
  Dinner at the park!
   Audrey then taught us the clapping/tapping/passing cup thingy!

 Timmy also had his end-of-the-season baseball bbq/banquet and kick-ball game with the teammates vs. parents/coaches. 

 And lastly, we topped off the day with lots of ice-cream!!!!

 And this morning, we kicked off the week with our normal family worship and Bible reading!
It was awesome to have three more singers and Austin on the guitar!


Elanee said...

Looks like you all are having a wonderful time:) so special to have such nice weather too:)

Meemom said...

Boy we could sure use some of that water sport down here. It was supposed to be 118 a few days ago. Dont know if it really hit that , but was hot enough. Your gazebo and deck sure look nice.
Can't wait until we can come to visit with you all. Love you, Meemom

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