Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seaside Fun with the Triple A's! Part I

We have been sooooooo blessed to enjoy a place by the ocean the last few days.
It is an amazing, two-bedroom condo right on the beach!!!
This is all because of a very generous time-share offer,
by the Triple A's very selfless, loving, giving, kind, thoughtful, sweet dad and mom. : -)
Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. T.!!!!!
We are soooooo grateful for this most awesome stay in Seaside!
All loaded up to hit the highway to Seaside!  I think we got all but Joe in this picture!

A few of us sitting around the table in the condo playing Spicy Farkle.

Playing "Round the World" in the recreation room at the condo!

 To the beach!!!
 Warming up on our volleyball skills.

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