Friday, June 3, 2016

2nd Day in Spokane

While Caroline was thoroughly enjoying the Powerful Praise Music Conference,
and Daddy was hard at work at his computer,
the rest of us took a trip to the Spokane Riverfront Park.
It was awesome!
"This 100 acre park is located along the Spokane River, containing the upper Spokane Falls and just upstream from the lower falls. It was created for Expo '74, a World's Fair event."

 Then, we came back to the hotel and enjoyed some swimming!
~ ~ ~ ~
"Which way to the pool?"

For Brielle, the swimming is a little overrated!
She doesn't really like the water much.
It's really all about just looking adorable. :-)


Victoria said...

Awww, great pictures!!! Such a gorgeous place! Oh my goodness, love the pictures of Brielle in her swimsuit. :) Miss you all!

Valerie Bowes said...

Wow!! That park is gorgeous and you got some beautiful pictures by the water! I love the boys' matching shirts and then there is the bright pink adorable baby girl in the middle. :) She is just too cute . . .I miss her! Will you give her some kisses and squeezeys for me?? Thanks for all the awesome pictures and captions! It so fun to see what you all are doing! Oh and that swim suit on the baby . . .yeah . . . she wins the cuteness award!!! :)

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