Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seaside Fun! Part II

Saturday we were super, duper blessed by many dear friends driving out to the beach
for a wonderful day of fun and fellowship!
They had been planning this day for four of us families to get together at the beach for a long time,
and it was finally here!
 There were lots and lots of  volleyball games! 

 And some kickball games, too!  

 Then, back to volleyball!

 Awwww  . . . Kyle is majorly bummed that his dad got picked for the other team! ;-)

 It was such a fun and relaxing day!
Everyone enjoyed doing various things! 
 Beautiful castle ladies!!!

 Thank you so very much to all who provided the delicious pizza dinner!
(And sodas and salad!!!)

 Thank you so very much Smythe family for treating us to an awesome campfire and smores!
That was a super wonderful way to end the fantastic day!

 Mrs. Smythe, you make us smile!
Thank you for being such a blessing!

Thank you, dear friends, for such a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!
Part III coming up soon! 

1 comment:

Meemom said...

Nice castle!!!! Sure looks like a fun time!! Love, Meemom

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