Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some of the Best Time . . .

is time spent with big sister, Lydia!!!!
Every so often, these four young ones, beg and plead, and basically cause quite a disturbance in our normal groove here, until they get their big sister fix! ;-)
(Pictures by Lydia! :-)
But I think the feeling is quite mutual on her end too!
So it works out well! : -)

Just being on their farm is fun in-and-of-itself.  There are so many awesome things to see and do!

But she also takes them fishing and for hikes and picnics!


 They are always so filled with joy and fun stories when they return.
And then they begin planning for the next time they can visit Lydia! : -)
Thank you, Lydia, for being such a super special sister! They love you (and Richie!)
so much, as do we all!

1 comment:

Meemom said...

Well now I know what I missed out on by not having a big sister. But even if I had one, would she be a special as Lydia??? Probably not. Good job, Lydia!!!!

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