Monday, May 16, 2016

Baseball and Mother's Day! :-)

"Come on Mommy . . . let's get to Timmy's ballgame!"
 "There's always fun to be had while Timmy plays ball!"
 "Here you go, Timmy!  Here is my Gatorade for you!"
On the day after the wonderful week with our California friends,
Timmy had a weekend tournament. 
They had two games on Saturday,
and three on Sunday! (Which happened to be Mother's Day! ;-) 
This is a picture after the final game. 

Our team won the tournament!

They were so excited!!!

 A special photo with the moms on Mother's Day!
It's been great getting to know these moms and their families some over the course of the season!
 Timmy has two great couches,
and we're blessed to be getting to know them better this year too!
Before the tournament on Sunday, the kids made a wonderful breakfast,
and blessed me with sweet cards and handmade love notes and a beautiful flower basket! 
And Kyle gave me a generous gift certificate for a breakfast or lunch or dinner date
out with him sometime soon!
I also enjoyed a fun visit from Lydia on Saturday morning,
 and received a beautiful card and a coupon for breakfast with her soon!  Woo hoo! : -)
Thank you so very much, dear children!
I love you all sooooooo much!
Oh, and not too long ago, our sweet young adults gave Daddy and I a special "thank you" breakfast with flowers and gifts! 
We are sooooo blessed!  

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