Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Daily Dose of Cuteness and More . . .

Just a few random photos from the last week or so . . .
(Valerie took the first three pictures!)
 Brielle and Charlie!
(Brielle dressed herself this morning! ;-)
 Big brother, Kyle, with two littlest siblings.

 Timmy's first chance at pitching this season!
 Just a sampling of what goes on here at any given time of day at our house . . .
 (I wasn't even around when these pictures were taken by Timmy!)
 The hummingbirds are back in droves! : -)

 Victoria gave Anna a haircut recently,
and was inspired to capture this photo by another similar photo a friend sent to her recently! : -)
Thank you, Lord, for all of these special moments! 


Shiloh said...

Wow! I've never seen so many hummingbirds before in one place! Love all the pictures! Brielle sure is cute!! ~Shiloh

Meemom said...

Who knew you could play baseball with a fly swatter?

Never saw hummingbirds land on someone's arm before. Timothy, were you wearing a special hummingbird colonge??

love the pictures!!! Meemom

Kelley said...

Hi!!! Love being able to peek in on your day to day precious moments!!!

Love you all!!!

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