Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Fun Time with Kyle!

For Mother's Day Kyle blessed me with a gift certificate for two to a really neat restaurant in town.
We decided to use it for a yummy breakfast!
 (Well, it ended up being a breakfast for three!)
 I think Kyle really enjoyed the food!
He ordered chicken fried steak with eggs and potatoes on the side.
I loved the breakfast too, but especially enjoyed our four hour conversation! : -)
My 6'5" son being careful not to hit his head on this rafter while waiting to visit his good friend Abe at the nearby bakery he works at.


Elaneesendeavors said...

What a special time together:)

Meemom said...

Gosh Kyle, I thought it was your latest girlfriend there for a moment and then realized it was your beautiful mother!! That was a very nice Mother's day gift!! Love, Meemom

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