Monday, July 6, 2015

Wonderful Independence Day Celebration!

We, and many, many other families, 
were SO blessed by some very special friends on Saturday!
They hosted their annual Fourth of July party and, as always, it was a super awesome time!
They had a full day planned with:
a picnic lunch,
opening ceremonies,
historical presentations,
old-fashioned games,
arts and crafts, playground, zip line, etc. for the little ones,
team games,
pie judging contest,
BBQ/potluck dinner,
lots of fellowship,
and much more!
One of the most awesome things they did,
was lead us in prayer, all on our knees, for our country.
This was a very special time and definitely a highlight for us!!!  
I was so enjoying the fellowship, that I didn't photograph
very many of the activities.
But here are a few pictures of a couple of the events. 
A little volleyball before things got officially underway!
(Kyle (far right) and Daddy are in this game.
Victoria and Valerie are in the background at the other volleyball net.)
Part of the opening ceremonies.

Just a few of the many guests!
 The next several pictures are of the water balloon toss!

 Brielle decided to pick up one of the flags along the driveway and pose for a picture! :-)

 In the photo below,
Valerie said she was sure her throw to Kyle was a bad one,
and that it would not end well!
 But, Kyle caught it! Can he catch it again?
Down to just three teams!
 Now just down to Daddy and Timmy,
and Kyle and Valerie!
 Daddy and Timmy win,
with Kyle and Valerie in 2nd!
We may not know how to do too many things,
but I guess we can say that water balloon tossing is our "claim to fame!" :-)
Lots of tug-o-war!!!
 Yay for the dads!!!
Next, epic battle with water balloons! 

 Once the water balloons are done,
the water buckets come out!

 On our way home,
we caught the fireworks display in Mossyrock,
and got home around 11:30pm! 
What a wonderful day!
Thank you, thank you, Dear Friends, for making the day so very special!


Michael Berkompas said...

What a great day! It sure was nice to have the water fight. :-) I wish we could have done that sooner... The picture of me with the bucket trying to soak Ted is hilarious. It looks like I'm levitating! :-)

Elanee said...

Mrs. Bowes,

Thanks SO much for sharing these pictures:) We all really enjoyed seeing them, especially since no one in our family took any pictures. We were amazed at the beautiful pictures you took, and how you captured the moments SO well.

Thank you all again for coming, and for being such a blessing.

IN Christ,

Elanee for us all:)

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