Thursday, July 9, 2015

The "V's" Vehicles!!!!

noun: vehicle; plural noun: vehicles
1.  a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, such as a car, truck, or cart.
    (Or horse, of course!! ;-)
Within just a few days of one another,
the "V's" (aka. Victoria and Valerie ;-) each carefully purchased a pre-owned "vehicle!"
Their journeys to these new modes of transportation were both challenging and full of adventure!
I think they would both say they are super, duper thankful for the special men in their lives
 (Daddy and Kyle ;-) that helped them tremendously along the way!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Victoria's first attempt to pick-up Bree in the Seattle area,
was particularly dramatic!
Thankfully, Caroline had ridden along for what was to be a very long evening!
They ended up having to pull the horse trailer with our diesel 15-passenger van,
as our truck is out of commission, awaiting a brand new transmission.  :-(
A little over an hour into their journey on I-5,
Victoria called home to say that they were broken down on the freeway
They said they were pretty sure the surpentine belt broke,
as they lost steering and brakes!!!
Thankfully, they were only going about 20 MPH,
and Victoria kept her cool,
and was able to coast, and manually steer the van across two lanes of heavy traffic, 
to the shoulder right near an exit.
At this very same time (around 6pm),
Daddy and Valerie were traveling in the opposite direction to Oregon to look at a car.
We couldn't reach them on their cell phone, and Kyle wasn't home from work yet.
YIKES!  What were the girls to do?
It was a very hot afternoon, and I was worried about them getting too hot if they stayed with the van.
So, I decided that it might be better for them to grab some water bottles,
 and start walking down the exit.
The Lord ended up sending an "angel" to pick them up and take them to a nearby gas station!
As I was trying to figure out what to do,
Kyle ended up coming home. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
Kyle to the rescue!!!   
 So I sent him out to try to fix the belt,
pick up the girls,
and bring the van home.
He was so good about being willing to do this!  (Thank you, Kyle!)
(And thankfully, we had a new belt already inside the van.)
Kyle arrived to the van about 7:45pm,
which had been marked with "tow zone" and the time,
all over the windows!
We were all praying hard for Kyle,
that God would bless his efforts and give him the ability to get the old belt off,
(which was quite tangled around the pulleys)
and get the new one on before dark (and/or before the tow truck arrived!)
With a lot of prayer, and a little bit of Caroline's small hands to help,
Kyle did it!
At a little after 9pm,
they called to say they were all on their way home!
Praise the Lord!
So fast forward ahead a few days later,
Daddy and all the girls headed back out to pick-up Bree and look at more cars for Valerie,
all in one trip!
They were gone for about 12 hours that day!
But they did come home with beautiful Bree!   
Meanwhile, Valerie needed to wait a few more days,
for God's perfect car for her.
But God provided just the right one,
and Daddy patiently took another day to drive to Oregon to look it over and pick it up!
We are soooo grateful for how our loving and faithful God
provides for and protects His children,
all in His good way and timing!  


Michael Berkompas said...

Now the question is: which V-hickle is better?... As much as I like the car, Valerie, I'd take Bree first. And as much as I like Bree, Victoria, I'd take my own horse, Chief, over her any day!! ;-)

Seriously, though, those both look like two new amazing blessings to the family and I hope they provide pleasure and utility for years to come. Despite the breakdown and the several disappointing trips car searching, God knew just what you needed at just the right time!

Meemom said...

Victory for Victoria and Valerie. Hope you new mode of transportation gives you many miles of pleasure!!! Love, Meemom

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