Monday, July 6, 2015

Friday Night, July 3rd ~ Independence Day Eve Party :-)

This is one of Timmy and Joe's favorite times of the year!!!
The boys look SO forward to having our own little family celebration and fireworks display!
This year, they "planned" it all out,
and we invited Papa Bob and Meemom over for the festivities!
 (Unfortunately, Papa Bob felt under the weather with a cold coming on, so he stayed home to rest.)
Blueberry cake!!!
We are SO excited that it is blueberry season again!
We just picked up our first 20 lbs. on Friday!!!
Woo hoo!
 The evening kicked off with a BBQ, of course!
The partiers! :-)

An epic tank and jet battle!

 It was a good thing we had a "fireman" on site! :-)
And a Daddy to comfort and protect delicate ears from the loud noises!
  Next up on the agenda . . .
Thanks Valerie, for this awesome photo! 
 the official opening ceremony,
with singing the "The Star Spangled Banner!" :-)
Valerie took this picture also!! Great one, Valerie!
 Then, they let us eat the cake! :-)


 Lots of refreshing snacks and drinks! :-)

 Then the evening ended with some awesome fireworks!
What a fun celebration it was!


Meemom said...

It was a very fun evening. Food was great. Fireworks were fun and the company was great.
Timmy and Joe did a wonderful job with the firework display.

Michael Berkompas said...

Looks like you all had a very fun evening! We did the same sort of thing the evening of the 4th. Always fun! I especially liked Benjamin and his fire suit... :-) Tiki-torches add a nice touch and the pictures of the tank battle are great!

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