Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Last weekend, we enjoyed helping on the Tevis farm,
by loading up some bales of hay from one of their fields.
They had been working so hard for several HOT days, which produced several hundred bales!
They had already picked-up lots by the time we arrived,
so we were excited to jump-in and help pick up the remaining bales. 
(And they also blessed us with amazing farm-fresh, shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches,
a festive 4th of July jello salad, pasta salad, watermelon, some awesome pies and a fun visit!)
The "before" picture! :-)

 Going to feed the pigs!
 Coming back from feeding the pigs . . .
 Last load!

 Looking back on the old farm house . . .
 And now for the "after" photos. . .

 Thanks Rich, Janet, Richie and Lydia for the very fun evening!!!!!!

1 comment:

Michael Berkompas said...

Looks like some really good hay! Even though it's hard work, haying always results in good memories. :-) Love the pictures of you all together, especially Benny's poses! :-)

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