Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankful for Good Friends!

We were so blessed to have some new friends from Oregon
come and visit us this past weekend. 
Soon after their arrival, we decided to introduce them to one of our family's favorite games . . . 
Reverse Charades! : -)  They were all very good sports!
It always gets us laughing!
(So sorry for the lack of pictures of "team 2" . . .the team the photographer was on!)
Hmmmmm . . . does this look anything like "Riverdancing" to you???
 Hmm . . . they're looking "funny" and they're pointing to a certain "bone" in their body! : -)
 Slow motion?
 We're thinking Daddy probably makes a better accountant than an opera singer!    
 Bowling anyone?  
 Uh . . . .it IS hunting season! 
Did she hit the "bullseye?"
 Just when you thought you were way too old to play

 Of course!  Birds at a bird bath!
I think they are eating ice-cream cones in this one!
Speaking of ice-cream . . . . Awwwwww.....
At about 10pm Saturday night, the glow sticks came out! 
Group picture . . . .
Thank you W. Family for such a fun time!
We really enjoyed getting to know you all better!
Your family is a blessing to us and soooo many others!
We look forward to staying in touch,
and keeping updated on all the good things the Lord is doing in and through you all back in Arizona!

We sure enjoyed sharing you all with our church family!!! 


Eden said...

Haha, hilarious pictures! Looks like a blast! The glow sticks were cool!

Meemom said...

That is my favorite game. Hope you all did not get all played out, as I will be expecting a rerun of this game. Love, Meemom

Kate said...

Awww... thank you Mrs. Bowes! We had so much fun with all! It was quite the blessing to spend time with y'all! : )

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