Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Giving Thanks Always and for Everything" ~ Eph. 5:20a

Feeling so grateful for God's goodness that is revealed to us in so many ways every day!
Just to name a few . . .
 ~ ~ ~ ~
The freedom we enjoy in our land,
and for all who have sacrificed so much to preserve these freedoms.
 ~ ~ ~ ~
Through His beautiful creation ....
(both pictures taken early in the morning this past week)

  Through how He provides for our needs . . .
(warmth by the fire on a blustery cold night) 
This picture was taken night before last, at the beginning of a wind storm.
Our power went out the following day (yesterday evening),
and just came back on (24 hours later).  It has been VERY windy, with lots of trees down and things thrown about.
So now we're thanking God for how He protected both of our families (Tevises, too!) through this storm!!!!
Through celebrations over the blessing of life!
(As the quadruplets turned 18 recently. . . we still think often about which two wouldn't be here to celebrate, had we not at the time of their conception been saved by grace through faith in the One who creates life.  The doctor's advice to us, and to all who have multiples, is to "selectively reduce" for a safer outcome for the other two and mom.)

 (The same circumstance happened with Joseph. 
We were told by a high risk doctor that the pregnancy would be too risky.
His advice was to eliminate the risk by eliminating his life.)
We thank God so much for this little boy, so full-of-life,
 and for how the Lord chose to miraculously save his life and bring him into the world!
We do indeed celebrate life a lot around here!!!
But we can't help but continually rejoice and thank God for ALL the amazing things He has done with creating life,
sustaining life, and saving life both physically and spiritually in our family!  
AND . . . . .
We also praise Him for what He has done in saving 710 babies through the recent
40 Days for Life campaign!!!  And overall . . .(taken from their website) . . .
 "By the grace of God, 40 Days for Life has achieved a stunning track record of results since launching as a worldwide movement in 2007  . . . 3,336 local campaigns; 9,683 lives saved;
106 abortion workers quit; 59 abortion centers closed"
~ ~ ~ ~
Through the fellowship of brothers and sisters in the Lord,
who inspire us, sharpen us, help us grow in our faith, pray for us, rejoice with us, encourage us,
and bless us immensely with being able to be a part of their lives! 
A few of the dear folks that come over on Sunday evenings for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

And soooooooooo much more!!!!! 
Thank you, Lord!!!!

"Surely your goodness and love
will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."
Psalm 23:6


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Praise the Lord!

Great pictures! :)

Eden said...

Wow, it's amazing to see the way the Lord works!

And those pictures are gorgeous!

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