Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lovely Lunch with Linda and Linda!

We are SO blessed to have some very special people to worship with,
serve the Lord alongside, and fellowship with in our little rural church.  
They are really dear brothers and sisters whom we love so much.
Two of these very special people are Linda C. and Linda W.
Linda W. is our super sweet, thoughtful and fun-loving pastor's wife! 
To know her is to absolutely adore her!
And same goes for Linda C.!  She is one of the most cheery, joyful and funny people we know!
SO . . .
anyone that has the privilege of being in the presence of BOTH of these 2 Linda's at the same time,
well . . . .
will be exceptionally blessed. . .
and will be laughing, giggling and simply full of happiness! 
So you can imagine what a very special blessing it is when these two invited
all of us girls to an annual get-together to celebrate Caroline, Valerie and Victoria's birthdays.
This year they invited us to Linda C.'s house for a luncheon and some game playing!
Everything was so festive!
 This is Linda C. with the girls.
She made them each a very special gift . . .
of beautiful, colorful, handmade knit caps with an extra special touch . . .
of a button that once belonged to Linda W.'s mom.
(Linda W. had given these buttons to Linda C. a long time ago,
and Linda W. had forgotten about them.)
Here, Linda C. is telling us the story of where the special buttons came from!
We were all very touched by the sentimental significance of these little adornments to the caps. )

I think this is about when Linda W. said she wanted the buttons back! ;-)
 But I'm sure Linda C. put a special button on Linda W.'s cap too!
And then, in true Linda C. thoughtful-style,
she blessed Lydia too, with these adorable pillows she purchased at a craft fair
from a 96 year-old seamstress.  They are soooo perfect for the Tevis farm!
Sweet, snuggly sister time.
 The lunch was absolutely delicious!!!
 Then, let the gaming begin!
We played Pictionary first,
then Balderdash!
What a hoot these two Linda's are!!!  :-)
Oh my!  What fun we had!
 Meanwhile, Brielle was making friends with Buddy.
 Oh how she loves puppy dogs.
 And he seemed to love her right back!
 And who would have thought . . .
 "quadruplets" would be one of the Pictionary words for someone to draw that day!
 What a super special day with two super special sisters in the Lord!
Thank you, Linda C. and Linda W.!
We love you and thank God for you!

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