Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Fun with Family! Part I

We recently had a very fun evening with Aunt Kelly, McKenna and Cassidy around the campfire, making smores, and enjoying our leftover parachute men flying into the air!
~ ~ ~ ~
Joe is probably the only one that would allow a photo to be taken of the eating of the smores!
They were the GIANT marshmallows,
which means no real graceful way to eat them!  ;-)
 We had two kinds of parachute guys to launch!
The first five or so were one at a time, then we had one that launched a whole bunch at once!
Sharaya, Aunt Kelley's German Shepherd, was so fun, being right there in the midst of it all!!

 McKenna took this picture with her phone and sent it to me!
Love how she captured all the boys AND Sharaya looking up into the sky for the parachutes!

 This one shot many parachutes into the air,
so Caroline and Victoria got in on the action too!
 Heading home after trimming one of their trees so we can get the pontoon boat out this year!
Since the goats love these branches, we piled them on top of the car to get them home!
 Now, we're  anxiously awaiting the arrival of Papa and Grammie from Arizona today!
They will be with us for a week! 
We thank the Lord for answering our prayers and restoring Grammie's health
so that they could make their trip here.
A couple weeks ago, she was so sick, they cancelled their travel plans.
But then many, many people prayed, and she suddenly began feeling better.
We pray that we can be an "oasis" for them,
and help refresh their souls after a long, weary season of health trials. 
Just reading in Philemon this morning,
where the ending seemed so appropriate for the welcoming of our loved ones. 
Paul writes, "And one thing more:  Prepare a guest room for me,
because I hope to be restored to you in answer to your prayers."
We praise our Lord for His goodness in answering our prayers with His healing and allowing them to visit us after all.  Now we pray that He will bless our time and enable us to truly . . .
"refresh their hearts in Christ!"

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Lydia said...

What a fun couple days for you all! As I was scrolling through waiting for the pictures to load, I saw part of the car with branches picture. My first thought was "oh, those silly boys camouflaging the car to make a hideout!" LOL I bet the goats really enjoyed them.
Thanks for doing such a great job documenting everything! And that sign for Grammie and Papa is so cute, and such a great idea! I am looking so forward to seeing them! Love you!

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