Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Fourth of July Tillamook Trip ~ Part I

First stop when we arrived . . .
and when it was low tide . . .
 Daddy and the boys' favorite pastime . . . .tide pooling!!!!  
  There are some very interesting critters here . . .
 but what does Benjamin have a hold of?
Ewwwww . . . .eels!
  And what else you ask?
 Lots and lots of crabs!

Wait a minute . . .
where did Kyle and Caroline go?
 Oh, there they are . . .
on top of that big rock!
Beeeeeee carrrrrreful!!!!
Shew . . .sigh of relief . . . back down safely!
  A girl and her little dog, too!
Next up . . .
Waiting . . . .
(Wait . . .what's wrong with this picture? ;-)
 Yay! We got one!
 And a couple more!
 While we waited, this bald eagle and seagull kept us entertained.
 Thanks to Valerie for these two pictures!!!!
 Our only catch for the day that was big enough to take!
 Back at the camper . . . ; -(
Practicing our volleyball skills at the "campsite."
Oh boy!
  The morning of the fourth,
we headed to Rockaway Beach for their small town parade!

 Lots of candy thrown . . . and even a few dog treats for the canines!

 We enjoyed getting acquainted with these two ladies at the parade;
identical, 83 year-old twins, Mary and Marge.
The most interesting thing about them is that they are celebrating 54 years of marriage to their husbands, Tom and John, who also happen to be identical twins!!!
They had a double wedding ceremony, of course!
They are transplants from Michigan!
After the parade,
we were very blessed by some friends that
invited us to their home for lots of fun, food and fellowship!
 A few little skirmishes between the Americans and the British ensued . . .
 Bringing in the big guns . . .

 Tallying up the water marks to see which side won the battle . . .
 There were LOTS more fun activities during our afternoon here.
But I was so busy enjoying the sweet fellowship,
I didn't take many photos! ;-(
Thanks so much to our special friends and gracious hosts/hostesses for inviting us to this fun day!
They did such an amazing job with such a big group of guests.
We had such an awesome time!
And a  very happy birthday to Evan!!!
Then, off for the traditional fireworks show in Rockaway Beach!
Thanks to Kyle for the pictures of the fireworks!!!

What a great trip so far!!!!  


The Bowes Family said...

Haha, yeah, all that white on that "really big rock" . . . Any guesses on what it is??? (Hint: it doesn't snow in July) O.o

That was the most comfortable chair ever to read a book on! Just sayin' . . . :0P

Kelley said...

What great pics! I love them!!! And I love you all too!!!

Jordan Strang said...

So awesome to see you all yesterday!!! Looks like your having a great time out there!

Bethany said...

Wow, you all got some fantastic pictures!!! :D We had such a great time with you all. :)

FYI: I took one of your pictures to tag our friends in it on FB. I'm giving you photocredits. :)

The Bowes Family said...

'Ello, Jordan and Bethany! It was great to see you guys too! And FYI, Jordan, be looking for that video of me jumping in the ocean soon! :0P


Evan Smythe said...

Wow! Great pictures!!! I look so hilarious in the one photo. But... great action shots. It was great to see you all, and play some games with some of you as well. :)

Meemom said...

Nice pictures. Good photography on the fireworks. Love you, Meemom

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