Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Family Camp!!!

This past weekend, our family attended our first family camp!
Well, almost all of us!  Victoria and Caroline had committed back in January (before we knew about the camp) to going to a local Boer goat show to show their own goats and another farm's goats.  So, they're definitely planning on going next year!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
This camp was sooo much fun and such a blessing!
 It is hosted by a big multi-generational,
and very hospitable family (made up of several large sub families)
and on their private property!!
(The patriarch/Grandpa of the family who leads the camp,
proudly announced that his 39th grandchild was born on Friday night!)
Last I heard there were 700+ campers! 
This was were we met for some awesome times of worship and Bible teaching.  
They had lots of room for RV's and/or tents.
This is where we set up camp.
(Kyle is in the background setting up a tent beside our truck/camper.)
 There was a very nice playground and big sandbox!
Benjamin loved this!!!
Kyle and Daddy played lots of volleyball!!!
 Loved their water dispenser! ;-)
 There were two really nice trampolines.
Timmy and Joe enjoyed these very much!
(Even though Mommy said no flips!!)
 Valerie enjoyed making new friends.
There were families from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California (that we know of ;-)
 There was a nice hill for rolling down . . .
and slip-n-sliding!!!
The dear volunteers fed this army of 700+ three meals a day.
It was awesome and amazing!!! 

 There was a little pond with some kayaks to enjoy!

Saturday morning was a 5K fun run!

Over one hundred folks ran/walked in it!!

 Kyle almost back!

 Making lots of new friends!
 The boys really loved their zip line!


 Brielle getting a good nap in Valerie's lap during one of the meeting times!
 On the 2nd day of zip line fun,
Benjamin went down with Timmy!

Saturday afternoon was perfect conditions for the slip-n-slide!

 And Saturday evening was a very awesome "talent night,"
with 13+ very gifted families blessing us all so much.  
It was definitely a highlight of the camp!


Meemom said...

Looks like alot of fun for everyone.
What a fun weekend. Enjoyed the pictures. Love to you all, Meemom

Kelley said...

Oh Wow!! Looks like you all had so much fun! I didn't hear all that you all were going down to do...I missed that story! So nice to see all the pics!!

Love you bunches,

Elanee said...

What a great time we had:) I enjoyed all the pictures:) I'm SO glad you all got to come. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I must have been in the kitchen area when you left:)

AZDonna said...

What a fantastic family camp. That's so neat that it's run by a family! They have really put together a great event.

Evan Smythe said...

Great photos! I love that one of little Kyle. :)

Emma said...

Hey there! Just curious if your family is planning to attend Camp Dwight again this year? My family and I passed thru Mossyrock a few days ago and my mom thought of your family, and suggested I ask if you guys are coming.
It sure would be fun to get to see you again! (And maybe I'd get to meet Victoria and Caroline too!)
Emma Finton

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