Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Tillamook Trip ~ Part II

Saturday was another full day of fun!
 Timmy, Joe and Ben started it off with some more swimming!

Then, we took a walk to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and golf course across the street.
We were definitely in need of updating our PGA Hopefuls Tour Tillamook photo!
A few more have been added to the line-up from two years ago!
 Here, the Hopefuls are warming up!
 A couple of the Hopefuls taking time to restore their energy and focus mid-way through the course.
 The oldest and youngest on the Hopeful Tour . . .
just trying to keep up!!!
 A very important part of the Hopefuls training diet is Tillamook ice-cream!!
 Then, off for some more crabbing.
Today, we spotted this little crab trap thief. 
He/she kept circling the pier where the traps were,
looking for opportunities to raid the meat that was in the traps.
He/she was successful once while we were there!
No crabs for us today . . .
so we headed off to Rockaway Beach for the rest of the evening!
 OH MY!!!!
Can hardly stand such cuteness!!
 Dinner  . . . .
 and dancing on the beach! 

 While this little one crashed after the busy day!!!! 


Evan Smythe said...

It looks like you all are having a great time. It's beautiful weather to be out there. We're looking at taking my brother and his family out there later today/tomorrow... But, we're going to be south of you all by a couple of hours. :)

Lord bless the rest of your time out there!

Bethany said...

Dancing on the beach! That looks fun!!! :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

The dancing pictures are great!!!

And I think we have a pair of your swimmies here.... Is Brielle missing them? Or are they Kyle's? :(


Meemom said...

Love all the pictures.. Dancing on the beach looks so fun. Valerie, your photos of the eagle are amazing!!! Love, Meemom

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