Friday, January 22, 2010

What To Do When . . .

. . . . Your Truck Breaks-Down in Solvang, California!
Come along with us and find out!
Solvang is a quaint little Danish town.
We thoroughly enjoyed walking around, looking at all the interesting sights.
This is the flag of Denmark.

Solvang which is Danish for "sunny field" is a beautiful little city nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley of California. It was founded in 1911 by a small group of Danish teachers who migrated there to avoid the harsh midwestern winters.

Well, there's us!

Two little boys in a shoe!

This is the view from the stairs up to a windmill.

This tower dung?...dang?...dinged?...donged?...every hour:-)

I tried to pronouce most of these names...

I still can't:-)
More signs with wierd words.

This one looks like or reminds me of rag muffins:-) Don't ask me why:-)

There were 2 windmills that we saw here in Solvang.

There was a cool little store that sold cross-stitch patterns.
There were hundreds of cross-stitches on the walls.
Mommy's favorite store was a little Christmas shop.

Well, maybe her second favorite. She probably liked the chocolate one better.
We just had to do some shopping!!!!!
Us in front of the chocolate shop with some chocolate.

Timmy is a Danish Knight :-)
Joe-Joe got a firetruck!

The Danish knight struggles to fight with the giant.

This is a little park that was right behind the hotel.
Down there you can see Mommy, Victoria and Caroline.

There was no one around so I couldn't help myself.
Probably was a bad example for the boys:-)

Oh how sweet.

More wars.

Everyone was taking a nap so Kyle and I did an
experiment to see if it really is true that
if you put two phone book pages together the friction will
prevent you from pulling them apart.
It took us a good 15 minutes and we proved the theory true:-)
Pretty dumb, but that's what you do when you're bored.

The boys loved swimming in the hotel pool.
Well I love flowers...and there were lots of them around Solvang,
so here's a ton of pictures of them:-)
Roses are my favorite.


quadgranny said...

Well now I am really envious. A Christmas shop, a chocolate shop,
beautiful flowers everywhere. Hope you ate some chocolate for me!!!

It all looked like so much fun except maybe that phone book thingy!!! Reminded me of a certain story where two little folded the pages of Dr. Seus books
and thought it was so creative!!!

Thanks again for sharing!!!! Much love, Meemom

Kelley said...

These are awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them! We went to Solvang a couple of years ago. I loved it there too! Uncle Chuck's favorite place was the chocolate store also. And he bought me peanut butter fudge too. He doesn't like it so I got to eat it all by myself.

Sorry to hear that your truck broke down but I'm glad you got to spend your time in such an awesome place with so much charm and history!

I thought at first that you were folding the pages of the phone book and I was so proud to think of how your mommy's and aunt's special creativity had been handed down. Meemom just couldn't appreciate art when she saw it. :) Although you made it more of a science experiment...bravo!

Love you all more than all the pages of every telephone book that has ever existed!
Aunt Kelley

LEE said...

Hi Miss Lydia,

Great way to start the photo journey of Solvang with the photo of Timmy at the door. “Come along with us and find our!“ Was that photo planned?

Solvang is a beautiful village and your are right most names are reserved to be pronounced by Scandinavian people only.

With a Knight like Timmy along no one needed to worry about any Dragons advancing on the Crossroads Country Ranchers.

The photo of the Chocolate shop must have been taken before Chocolate Loving Momma came in. The shelves are still full.

I noticed you took photos of 9 beautiful flowers. Just the right number. The flowers are beautiful but not anyway near as beautiful as my lovely 6 granddaughters and three handsome grandsons.

dung?...dang?...dinged?...donged? Its time for Grandpa to go to bed. Thanks again for the excellent photo journey.

Love your all more than all the flower petals in the world.


Heather said...

It's so funny that you broke down there! On our big trip up to you we had to stop there and have the tires on the RV fixed. It is such a cute little town! We only stayed for about an hour, seeing your pictures I almost wish it had been longer!

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