Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pictures of late...

We've been having some very busy and fun times around here. I 've been taking lots of photos, so here's a few of them for ya!
New Year's Eve at Meemom and Papa Bob's.
Fun games, TV, cute little guys to take pictures of, not to mention food...couldn't be better! :-)

Timmy loves to tell stories to the family. He would go for hours:-)
The sunrise on a surprisingly clear morning:-)

Catch Phrase...a family favorite!

I think Valerie was describing toe or something:-)

Breakfast with Aunt Kelley, Cassidy, Meemom, Papa Bob, and...everyone else:-)
This is a picture I took of Cass taking a picture of us:-)

Don't shoot!

Joe wearing the "army stuff" he got for Christmas.

My serious army guy.
Mr. Smiles
Soap I've made lately...this is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap. I am hoping to get my first bars sold at small country gift shops for Valentines Day.
This is Fresh Rose
Joe is rarely ever not laughing, smiling, or talking:-)

Two Violinists practicing at church.

You didn't know Caroline's a drummer? Believe me she sounds totally awesome!
(Just kidding:-)

Animal Photos
I love taking pictures of our animals...the only difference with them and people is you can't
ask them to hold still for ONE MORE picture:-)
This is Elsie...I like to call her "Tiny" She's close to full grown,
but still almost as small as a lamb.
"I'm starving!"

" Feed me!"

Maybelle, queen of the pasture!

So you're thinking..."wait a minute you got a cat?"
No, actually this is Prince Charming, (PC) my piano teacher's cat:-)

Lucy, my second favorite dog. Danny's in first place with me:-)
Well, that's it for now! Love you all! Have a great rest of the week!

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Heather said...

Love all the pictures and love all of you! Have fun at Disneyland!!!

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