Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Day at Disneyland!

By Lydia . . .
(Your Everything-You-Want-to-Know-About-Our-Trip-To-California-and-More
Correspondent :-)
This is where Joe slept every night at the hotel...yeah, in the closet!

Yay! Oatmeal for breakfast!
Here's Timmy letting out a little bit of his 19-hours-cooped-up-in-a-camper energybefore we even hit Disneyland!

Family photo in front of the hotel.

The biggest reason we went to Disneyland,
was to celebrate the quad's 13Th birthday.

I find it truly amazing that everyone is smiling,
or at least looking at the camera in this one:-)

Our very first ride...Buzz Light year!
Notice that eveyone's smiling in this one too!

They were too busy to smile for this one:-)

This ride was horrifying for Victoria.

Finding Nemo sub ride. The only comment I have for this one:
Not for the claustrophobic.

Timmy got to be a Jedi or somthing like that.

Timmy saying his last good-byes before a wild ride.

Wait a minuite. . .he's not driving is he?

Poor Daddy. He had to ride with Valerie.

Valerie tried to explain. Daddy just sat there and groaned.

While we went on Star Tours and Space Mountain . . .
Joseph and Mommy hit the stores for some Disneyland memorabilia . . . okay . . . candy!
Here, Daddy's already looking a little sick before the ride even began.

Where the wild things are . . .

Splash mountian! Woo hoo!


Caroline got SOAKED on this ride.
It was funny to me because she was the one that least wanted to get wet. She didn't think it was funny.

My hair looks messy! I think this was after going down the hill.

A picture of our picture! Valerie looks really scared.

That girl that we cut the face off of at the bottom is not with us. . .

Posing for yet another picture right before Indiana Jones.

And another picture. . .
Dude right on!

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