Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adventures in California . . .

Or should I say "California Adventures"?

These are some photos from our time at the theme park across from Disneyland.

(We had a three day "park hopper" pass which allowed us to go back and forth from Disneyland to California Adventures as often as we wanted.)

Bet you're wondering why I have these silly yellow glasses on my head? Well, your tell-you-more-than-you-really-want-to-know journalist will tell you what they're all about in a few photos from now:)

Main street in Disneyland. . .
California Adventures boardwalk

On a side note. . . .
you may notice in the photos that Daddy wore this t-shirt all three days.
What do you think about it?
My totally awesome brother:-)
Ahh yes. Mr. Potato head. He talks to people, and mostly just scared everyone.
Timmy and Joe liked him though!
The glasses again!
These are sorta like 3D glasses. They make the things jump out at you when you do this ride.

It is a very new, interactive ride. You shoot at plates and balloons and little fake animals.
It's Toy Story themed.

The dumb glasses family! (I don't mean we're dumb. . . I mean the glasses:-)
Victoria and Daddy are glad they aren't getting wet.

Actually they got soaked too! The one in the blue jacket is me.
I look pretty pathetic.
This is us on the raft ride another time.

California Screamin!

We don't know the people back there:-)
We rode this one so many times and figured out where the camera was,
so we liked to do goofy poses.

All of these were Daddy's idea, by the way.

Except this one of course. We were supposed to look scared. . .
as you can see, I kinda forgot:-)

The tower is purple at night!

I liked this ride because the people working there were really funny.
They were all trying to be really serious.

See if you can find us!
(Even Mommy and Timmy are on it!)

At this place there was a mirror. I took a picture of us in it:-)
You can just barely see my camera at the bottom of the photo:-)

Timmy and Woody

Valerie didn't like this one. It whipped you around.
She probably felt a lot like Daddy when he was riding with her driving on Autopia:-)
Always have to get a picture here.


LEE said...

Hi Miss. Your Everything-You-Want-to-Know-About-Our-Trip-To-California-and-More Correspondent.

You are a great Correspondent. You have captured the essence of the Crossroads Country Ranchers Trip to the land of great imagination land know as Disney Land. Are you sure you are not working for a newspaper?

By the way who is that tall good looking fellow in the Diamondback tee shirt? Are you sure he is Kyle? He is almost as tall as Computer Guru Daddy.

And all those beautiful young ladies. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! What a family.

I have really enjoyed your photo essay.

Love you more than all the water drops in the water rides,


quadgranny said...

Yes Lydia, you did a great job of capturing the wonderment of Disneyland and the obvious delight of your family. So glad you are following in your mom's footsteps when it comes to picutre taking.

Enjoyed the pictures immensely!!!Thank you so much for sharing all of your pictures. Much love, Meemom

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