Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rescue Mission

Here is a proof of our rescue mission on Saturday . . .
Can you spot the one hitchhiking on the back of the stroller?


Kelley said...

Long live the orange and black caterpillar thingys! Must be a boy thing huh?! hehehe. He is so cute! And yes I do see the hitcherhiker on the back of the stroller.

I looked up orange and black caterpillar thingys and they call them Woolly Bears. Have you ever heard of that? Then they turn into butterflies. So Joseph is saving the world one butterfly at a time. :)

Love you bunches!
Aunt Kelley

The Bowes Family said...

Thank you so much for your support for the "save the wooly bears" campaign and for your research!! I don't think we knew they were called wooly bears and that they turn into butterflies. So, yes, long live the many wooly bears that were saved that day!!!

quadgranny said...

Who would have thought that an ugly capterpillar could turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Now we will all think twice before running over a caterpillar.

Love you all, Meemom

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