Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday, Kyle!

Gotta love the two little eyes peeking over the counter:)
Kyle wanted a steak dinner. (The rest of us had hamburgers:)

And for breakfast, he wanted chocolate chip pancakes . . . none of that healthy stuff with blueberries in it.
The lower sign he is standing by says "Seriously, You Rock, Dude!"
(Some sort of teenage language and pose:)


quadgranny said...

Looks like Kyle is thoroughly enjoying HIS day. That steak must have been good considering the big smile!!!

CANNOT believe it has been 13 years since we were all scrambling to care for them. They have certainly made us proud!!!!Everyone of the quads are absolutely DELIGHTFUL to hang out with. Is that "teen" enough tALK??

When do you sleep Robyn?? 3:19 a.m.???

Much love, Meemom

Kelley said...

Very nice! And you DO seriously rock Kyle! McKenna and Cassidy translated that teen lingo for me so I could agree.

Looks like some seriously rockin bday cake too.
Happy big 1 -3 !!

Love you!
Aunt Kelley

LEE said...


A big teenager now. You Rock super Grandson. Wow!!!!!

Next year Joseph will be tall enough to help you blow out all the candles.

Even taller than Momma. What a way to start your 13th. Your are definitely on your way.

A steak and baked potato with all sorts of stuff on it is almost as good as a green corn tamale with Baja sauce at Macayos Mexican food in Phoenix.

Kyle I am MIGHTY proud of you !!!!!!!!

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