Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joseph Turns 3!!!!!

It seems so appropriate that the little birthday boy
should wake up to a frog for a present from his big brother!
Then, a hearty breakfast!
So, he can play geo trax all day . . . .
(thanks to big brother, once again!!!!)
And blue cupcakes to finish the day!


Kelley said...

Absolutely the cutest little 3 year old! My sincerest apologies Mr. Joseph that I missed making your birthday call yesterday! What was I thinking?! Apparently I wasn't!

Happy birthday day late. I love you very much little man and I'm so glad you had a super great day topped off with blue cupcakes!

We will see you very soon on Thanksgiving Day!

With much love,
Aunt Kelley

quadgranny said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!!!!

Boy, that Geo trax looked pretty
big and compilcated. Big Brother must have spent some time on that!!! Did the frog win the present for being the best present

We sure love you, but think you should not have any more birthdays for a while so you can be our LITTLE Joseph and not our BIG Joseph!! Love, Meemom

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