Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday, Valerie!

It was Valerie's special day yesterday, and to kick off the festivities,
she chose "Dutch Babies",
with all sorts of fruit toppings! Yum!

For her favorite activity, she decided to play games
and watch "Little House on the Prairie" videos:)
Here, we're playing "Mad Gab"... White chili for dinner!

A round of "Guesstures" in the evening . . .

And then a yummy carrot cake!


Kelley said...

Happy almost 1-3 dear Valerie! Hey that rhymes! Looks like you had a super-awesome day!

It's so fun to get to see your pictures! I can't believe how much time has gone by...seems like just a few days ago that I was coming over to help rock you! But you probably don't remember that do you!?

Can't wait to see you very soon!
Love you bunches,
Aunt Kelley

quadgranny said...

Think I need to change my time in Mossyrock to include the month of October as there seems to be alot of really good food up there during that time. Not to mention that I could personally give all the Birthday people a big hug and kiss!!!!!

Who was the winner for the Mad Gab and Guesstures????

Sounds like a very festive time for a special special youg lady.
We love you Valerie and think it is
so neat that YOU are always so willing to help out no matter what the chore might be!!! Happy 13!!!! Much much love, Meemom

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