Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recent Fun Times with Friends!

Our family is soooo very thankful for the blessing of special new friends we first met last September at the Christian Heritage Homeschool picnic.  
We have really enjoyed these new friendships and get-togethers on several occasions since then.
Most recently, we were blessed to be invited
to a Memorial Day BBQ at one of the family's homes,
and a homeschool graduation ceremony and dance. 
These particular families all live about 2 hours south of us,
but our fun times of fellowship are surely worth the drives! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On Memorial Day morning, it was a bit rainy here,
and we wondered if the festivities would be cancelled. 
But by the time we arrived around 1pm,
and for the rest of the day, it couldn't have been more beautiful weather!   
We kicked off the fun with some volleyball.
Our family is still learning how to play this game,
so it probably wasn't too much fun for anyone else! ;-)
But they were all so patient with us!

Can you spot the volleyball in the photo below??
It took me a while to figure out where it was! 
Go Timmy!!! 
Good effort, Caroline! 
Way to go, Timmy! 

We also played LOTS of Ultimate Frisbee!
(Kyle is the tall guy caught in a funny pose on the far right!)

"Throw it to me, Timmy!  I'm open!" said Victoria! 
That's Valerie in the middle, with the noodle legs! ;-) 
The V. family's yard is amazing!
They can have lots of things going on simultaneously . . .
volleyball in the background, socializing to the left,
Ultimate Frisbee to the right,
and lots of fun things for the younger kids to do, too . . . .
like playing in the creek that runs through their property! 
Daddy even got into the Ultimate Frisbee game! 
Victoria ready to catch the Frisbee . . . 
Looks more like "monkey in the middle!" ;-)
Oh, wait . . . Daddy HAS the frisbee! 
Excellent effort, Caroline! 

Thanks V. family for your wonderful hospitality!!!
We are so grateful for the invite and all you did to make such a fun time possible!
That was such a big group of awesome people to feed,
and you make it look easy! ;-)
We are sooooo grateful for the awesome meal and this time spent together!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now for the homeschool graduation and dance.
Unfortunately, our family had to divide up with another baseball tournament going on the same day.  So Daddy took Timmy, Joe and Ben to that,
and Mommy, Brielle and quads went to the graduation and dance. 
The graduation ceremony was for 5 graduates.
It was an awesome time with three of them giving great speeches;
a slide show of each of them growing up;
the parents of each of them giving a summary of their school years, and a "charge" for their future;
a special message by the pastor;
and some awesome music and songs by the students. 
Then, the celebration by dancing commenced!
The next few photos are of the "Postie's Jig" warm-ups! 

Below are just a couple videos of the Postie's Jig and Marie's Wedding Dance.
This first one has been making us laugh over and over as we watch Caroline scramble to catch-up in one spot!  Pretty funny! 
 This last tiny video clip we included because we love watching the footwork of Jordan and Bethany!
(On a side note, Joe, the dance caller, did such an awesome job teaching and calling the dances!! 
We are so grateful for his skill and willingness to call the dances! 
On this little clip, there was just a tiny false start and so the dance was restarted! :-) 

Congratulations to the graduates!  And thank you so much for the invite to rejoice with you in this new chapter of your lives!  God bless you as you continue to seek, serve and follow Him!


Bethany said...

We had sooo much fun with you all! :) Great pictures and videos! :D That "false start" comes from the being used to starting the dance right after the 8th count... but ECDers sometimes do things differently with their music. ;)

Thanks for posting the pictures!

Kyle Bowes said...

Funny pose????


I think you meant to say "a block of pure epicness!" (at least, I hope I didn't slap that guy in the face on the way down) :0P JK

Thank you so much for taking all the pictures, mommy! Love you!

Meemom said...

Somehow I missed these posts of the dances. Looks like alot of fun.
Love you all, Meemom

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