Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Father's Day Camping Trip ~ Part I

Have blueberry bars, will travel!
 Daddy loves going on trips with the kids!
So naturally, his favorite thing to do for Father's Day weekend,
is to pack up the camper and the family,
and head for the KOA in Warrenton, OR.
This has become somewhat of an annual Father's Day weekend tradition, 
as it is a great place for all ages of kids . . .even if it's raining!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
First things first . . . .
the menfolk getting our campsite ready . . .
 in just a wee bit of rain and wind.  ;-)
Hold on tight, Timmy!

 Have no fear, the giant is here.  ;-)
Five little monkeys . . . .
taking cover in the camper.
They have a nice indoor swimming pool that came in
real handy when it rained most of the first day.
 BIG brothers are so awesome!

Benjamin is just now deciding that the pool might be fun!
 There is also a couple indoor recreation centers.
Another great benefit of being a quadruplet . . .
you always have four people to play doubles in ping-pong!

Daddy coaching Valerie on her first try at playing billiards!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Timmy and Benjamin sporting the latest in camping fashion!  ;-)

 Another great thing about this KOA campground is that they offer FREE pancakes every morning!
(Well, that might be changing after our family enjoys
their all-you-can eat pancakes for a few mornings! ;-)
 The pancakes were HUGE!
 After our big breakfast, we played this fun game . . .
 Pretty proud Mommy to get two of the strings on the top row (barely)!
 and many others in the other recreation center.
 Caroline was a very happy camper when she saw that there was even a piano to play!
We discovered that Victoria has some natural basketball skills!
"Benny Bear" with a bear!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
They also have this awesome bounce pillow . . .

and a nice sand volleyball court.
The family is getting LOTS of practice!
We also enjoyed watching the big ships travel down the Columbia River
just before entering the Pacific Ocean!  
This one is carrying lots and lots of logs!!
Then, a little bit of exploring!
Back at the campground for a campfire . . .  
 and smores!
 And after playing hard, everyone crashed!
Lots more pictures from Day 3 today,
 and I'm sure many more tomorrow . . . .
in Part II!


Jordan Strang said...

Kyle actually swims?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Just kidding!!! I couldn't resist! Looks like you all are having a fantastic time!

Kyle Bowes said...

Yes. I do. Kind of.

And . . . I hear *someone* is stilling using floaties to swim . . .

*Tries not to laugh*


The Bowes Family said...

Hi Jordan!
Well, don't know that we could actually call it "swimming!" It's more like wading in a shallow body of water for Kyle! ;-)

Thanks for the note!
Mrs. Bowes

Elanee said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. I'm amazed at all the activities you can do at that campground.

Meemom said...

Too bad I could not have been there to show yall how to play volleyball.
I was pretty good in my day. Somewhat like I play scrabble.
Love, Meemom

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