Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Thanks so much for all who have been praying for our beloved Pastor Dean!
He is feeling so much better!
He sent an update to the SVCC email prayer chain on Monday saying,
"Linda and I went to Olympia this morning for my appointment with an endocrinologist, and I have very good news to report.  He said that I'd had a form of thyroiditis, and that the condition is going away on its own.  No treatment needed.  PTL!
Thanks so much for your prayers.  Linda and I are very thankful for the love, prayers and concern of our Shoestring family.  We're also thankful for the caring compassionate doctors we've encountered.  And we're thankful for God's gracious healing."

We were also excited to have niece/cousin Cassidy join our little worship team on Sunday!
She really helped out with the percussion for the new song
"Who Am I? (That You Would Die for Me)" by Todd Vaters
with the egg shaker!  Yay!  Thanks so much, Cassidy!
Thanks also to amazing Jake's drums, and awesome Gabe's voice for lending us help on this song!    
With all this help, we were very excited to be able to play this song
fairly close to its original sound for Pastor Dean's return!
(Below is just a very tiny clip of the girls' part of the song so you can hear and see Cassidy's debut!
Brielle is singing along, too! ;-)
May our Lord be praised!

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

That's great!! Is that Brielle singing along in the background? :)

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