Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snow Fun!

Since we didn't have much snow here at the house this winter,

and there has been a fresh dusting of snow the last two days,

we couldn't resist going for a little drive and getting out to play in it!

Look for the snowballs flying!


quadgranny said...

Those snowballs look like they are just as fast as the Diamondbacks throw.

Whatever happened to "Spring has sprung there?????" Looks like Mother Winter came back to town and knocked Mother Spring out of the way!!! Poor little daffodills!! Looked like a fun time was had by all with the snowball fight.

Did the fathers cook breakfast for the daughters?? That seems appropriate to me...

Sure liked the pictures of the new baby animals. Since I am never sure if they are sheep or goats I will just stick with "animals. Their colorings are very unique.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!!!!
Love you sooooo much, Meemom

Bowes Family said...

Hi Meemom!

Yeah . . .Spring sprung right on by us! But we're hoping it will come back again soon!

Yes, the men in the church cooked the food for the father/daughter breakfast. It was a very nice morning!

Thanks for your comments, and we hope you have a wonderful Easter too! We love you very much!

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