Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Many Faces of a Happy Farmer

The only time he is not a happy farmer is in the middle of the night when he wakes from a bad dream, wherin dinosaurs are attacking his John Deere tractors:(!


Kelley said...

Ya know we need a good farmer-man here at our ranch in Hillsboro. We got lots o'cattle to round up and the horses need breakin'. I'm sure we could put him to work round here and feed him some fine grub ...when would you like us to come pick him up?

We could use lots of those smiles too. :)
Love you Mr. Joseph!
Aunt Kelley

Joseph's Mommy said...

Hey there pardners,
Don't know about sparin' him from here. Think we might get to missin' him. Not sure how good he'd be anyhow with animals he couldn't wrangle up in his arms:) Maybe Winston and Kiara! But I know he'd sure enjoy the grub at your ranch. Don't think I'll be tellin' him about the offer, as he might just hit the trail followin' his nose to Hillsboro. But we'll keep sharin' the smiles right here:).

Love you more than all the cows and horses in the world,
Joseph's Mommy:)

quadgranny said...

Hillsboro ain't no real ranch. If little Joseph is ready for some wild west action, then he needs to head for the home of real heroes like Wyatt Earp, Jessie James, and Doc Holiday!!!

Bet the food is better in AZ too as we have real mexican food!!! I am sure there are a few smaller varmints around that one could scoop into their arms. Or at the very least, Meemom could scoop Joseph into her arms!!!

So , what do you say, Joseph? Should I saddle the horses and get the covered wagons ready??? Probably better git goin' fore the heat sets in!!! Love, Meemom

Joseph said...

Hey there Meemom!

I'll be coming your way soon! Can't wait to be at your home on the range.

I love you,

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