Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Treasure Hunt!

Some very dear friends of ours, the Anderson Family, recently had to move from our area to a new home on the other side of the state. We miss them very much. But before they left, they told us about a little treasure hunt they planned for Timothy and Joseph after they were away. And last week we received this map in the mail :-)

This is the front of the map,
with the large picture of how to get to the treasure hunt area.
This is the back of the map,
with the finer details of how to find the "fort"!
Here are Timothy and Joseph, with their fearless guides!
Woo hoo! The fort has been found!
(That is a "I'm-super-happy" scrunchy face Joseph is making!)
And then the treasures were found!
It was all sooooo exciting!
Inside their "loot" bags, they found some very yummy candy
and a dinosaur that flashes many colors of lights when squeezed!
What a perfect treasure!
(Both treasure hunters thoroughly enjoyed their candy,
and then took their dinosaurs
to bed with them last night!)
And now it is time to play in the awesome fort!
Thank you Anderson Family
for such a fun time and sweet memories made!

1 comment:

quadgranny said...

Certainly looks like fun. Very thoughtful of the Andersons to plan
such a fun search for two little guys.

Love you all, Meemom

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