Thursday, December 10, 2009

Science Discoveries

1. This is what happens to an egg in the hen house in the wintertime when the temperature drops significantly below freezing. We learned why.
2. Potential medical breakthrough - An experiment was tried last night and we're hopeful as we continue to gather data this morning. Sleeping overnight in a recliner seems to be profitable in relieving Mommy's night-time shoulder pain! Woo hoo!


quadgranny said...

So sorry you are still having shoulder pain, Robyn. Gotta be careful not to over do it.

Frozen egg was interesting. Guess that is why we don't put a carton of eggs in the freezer.

Love you all, Meemom

Ted said...

Hey Robyn,,,you and me with shoulder pain,,I'm also trying to avoid sleeping with the arm under the pillow. Hope yours gets better soon! Glad we were there during the "warm weather", those eggs would have been difficult to scramble. It was 36 here this morning,,but that sounds better than a "high" in the 30s.
Mom and Dad

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