Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Times!

Selling Puppies!
(all ten are enjoying their new homes!)

Making snowmen!

(We had just enough snow Sunday night:)

Tea parties
(Both here and near)

Practicing two songs for the Christmas program on the 20th

Enjoying an informal visit from our Antioch caseworker and her husband


Eight dental check-ups in Longview

Practicing at the church for the Christmas program


Working together with our home fellowship group
to shop, wrap and deliver goodies to a family in need

Trip back to the dentist . . . cause we love the long drive so much:(


Practicing at the church with Mr. Stuart . . . our singer and drummer:)

Last music lessons before Christmas break

Making meal and shopping lists for soon-to-arrive guests:)


Practicing some more at home before last practice at the church this weekend

Pastoral Search Committee dinner and meeting at our house

Picking up Papa Bob and Meemom at the airport!!!!! Woo hoo!

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