Sunday, December 13, 2009

God's Beautiful Creations Today

So glad we had the camera along for the ride today
on our way to and from church!
Here are a few pictures of God's beautiful creations all around us!
(I think perhaps you can get a better view of the pictures
by clicking on them?)
Frozen waterfall
Two bald eagles

Swofford Pond/Riffe Lake spillway
Frozen Swofford Pond
Frozen rocks in the Tilton River


LEE said...

I like ice cubes in my water not a little water in my ice cubes.

Wow! The picture of the waterfall were amazing. Water freezing as it flows.

Robyn, I hope your shoulder gets better by laying in the recliner.

Some times it helps my back and knees and some times it doesn't. Must be the way one lays while sleeping.

Love you bunches


quadgranny said...

Those are neat pictures. Looks mighty cold.. Guess we better pack our long johns.

Thank goodness you have a camera bug in your midst.

Much, much love, Meemom

Kelley said...

Those pictures are great! I wonder if everything is still frozen. It has really warmed up here in the last few days. A little disappointing since we were all expecting snow!

It's amazing how water turns to ice even when it's moving huh?!

Love you all more than all the frozen water molecules in the world!
Aunt Kelley

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