Saturday, May 6, 2017

Friday and Saturday in California!

On Thursday afternoon, Valerie, Victoria, Caroline and myself left the Embassy Suites Hotel in Oxnard, CA and drove to Marina Del Ray. (For the Gala dinner on Thursday night, and the symposium where Caroline was speaking on Friday afternoon.)  Daddy stayed back at the Embassy Suites hotel with the 6 other kiddos. Us girls had such a super special time together! 
Thanks to Victoria for snapping the picture below on Thursday morning, before we left for Marina Del Ray. What an awesome place! 
The girls all got I-phones the day before we left for our trip,
so they had lots of fun taking selfies with them. :-) 
This one was taken in the van on our way to Marina Del Ray. 
It was a very fun and scenic drive.
This one was at the In-n-Out Burger place on Thursday night while Caroline and I were at the Gala!
They walked from the Marriott hotel for about a mile down to the restaurant.
This was on their Friday morning run. 
They were asked if they were twins many times! 
We were so excited to see the 40 Days for Life bus behind the Marriott hotel when we arrived. We had hoped to sign the bus, but time got away from us, and we had to rush off on Friday evening. 
 Caroline did an amazing job speaking at the symposium!
We video taped it, but I didn't get any pictures. :-(
I wish you all could have been there! 
It was an awesome time of seeing God do this amazing transforming work in Caroline,
that she could stand in front of 60 or so people and speak calmly, sweetly, articulately, and genuinely from her heart for about 15 minutes.  I would have never thought that I would see Caroline as a public speaker! But she is learning to say "yes" to God, and be blessed by His promise to do the rest!
 It was such a super special moment for Caroline and her very proud Momma!!!   
 While Caroline was at the symposium, the rest of us went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch! 
It was wonderful! 
(Thanks to Valerie for the photo!) 
 This picture was taken Friday afternoon after the symposium.
 On Friday night after the symposium we drove back to Oxnard to pick up the rest of the family,
and headed to Monterrey, CA to go to the aquarium there on Saturday. 
Below are an assortment of pictures from throughout the day.
The next two photos were taken by Caroline! : -) 

 The following three pictures were from Valerie! 

 See the turtle on the log in the middle right side of the photo? 
 And here's Joe with a tortoise! :-)

 About half of us took a little walk outside mid-day, while the others continued working their way through the aquarium. 

 It was a lovely day! 

  And back together again! 
 Last look at the ocean before heading home tomorrow!

 Frozen yogurt! 
(These four kinda remind me of our younger quadruplet days! :-)


Evan Smythe said...

Praise the Lord the time down in California is going well. Was it cold out at the beach? I just noticed in the beach photos that you all are wearing sweatshirt and are shivering looking. I'll pray that your travels up are safe and smooth. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Meemom said...

The pictures are so colorful. Enjoyed seeing everybody and always especially nice to see the
main photographer in these pictures once in a while. We are so very proud of you Caroline for
God to use you in this way. I am sure you had a wonderful testimony. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. We love seeing everybody and following the adventures of the Bowes family.

Kyle Bowes said...

Awh, great pictures, Mommy! Man am I happy to have all these smiling, awesome peoples back in person!

Taylor Smith said...

That looks like soooo much fun!!
Thanks for sharing those pictures Mrs Bowes!

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