Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our Precious Little Brielle

Brielle loves being a part of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on the sidewalks in front of PP.
She'll happily stand with us as long as we're out there, waving and smiling to the people driving by.
She is a beautiful testimony of life beginning under difficult circumstances, 
and yet such a precious life created in the image of God.
We're so thankful her life was protected when she was most vulnerable . . . in her mother's womb. 
We can't imagine life without her!  
(Photo from today ~ by Caroline)


Meemom said...


Lynnae said...

Its "out of the mouth of babes" 😊 What a precious little treasure! ☺

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Lynnae!
Thanks so much for stopping by! It was fun receiving your sweet note of encouragement, and then being able to look at your blog! Wow, it looks like we've been blogging about the same number of years! Have you been the keeper of the blog all that time? Good job for chronicling your family's memories and God's faithfulness as you all walk daily with the Lord! God bless you!
Mrs. Bowes

Lynnae said...

Hello Mrs. Bowes,
It was actually my sister who inspired me to keep a family blog. She kept one for quite a few years and when she quit, I took over chronicling for the Spafford family :) I enjoy writing and have found blogging to be a fun way of keeping a public "journal", as well as keeping family and friends updated on what's going on :)
I've really enjoyed looking over your family blog! :)
May God richly bless you as well!

Ted and Karen said...

She is dripping with cuteness. Praise God for such a precious little girl. Grammie

The Bowes Family said...

Hi again Lynnae!
I think that is so great! And I agree that it is such a fun way to write and keepsake your family's memories. And it is also a way to document all that the Lord is doing in and through you all so you won't ever forget His wondrous ways! Your family will always have the blog to help you remember God's incredible goodness and faithfulness in your lives as He leads you through all the joys and trials of life. It can also be a meaningful testimony to others outside of your family. So keep it up! :-)
Mrs. Bowes

Elanee said...

What a special little girl Brielle is:) SO thankful she is part of your family:) God has special plans for her!

Kelley said...

I sure love that little girl!!

Lynnae said...

Hello Mrs. Bowes,
You are so right! :) Thank you very much for your encouragement! We do serve a God of great faithfulness and there is so very much that I have to thank Him for, it's overwhelming sometimes! ;)

Taylor Smith said...

That's amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

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