Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our First 19 Days of 40 Days for Life!!!

Thanks to Victoria for putting together this video! 
(Unfortunately, we weren't able to photograph everyone on all the days! So there are lots of other sweet participants that are not seen in the video!  So sorry about this!)


Taylor Smith said...

Wow that seriously made me tear up big time. It was a very special time even being able to go out one day like that! It was super cool seeing the difference responses that people gave. I will keep praying for you all as you go out there and stand on that corner. May Lord really bless everyone that goes out there. Keep up the good fight!
You did a amazing job on the video Victoria!

Victoria Bowes said...

Thanks Taylor! It was wonderful to have you out there with us!

Taylor Smith said...

Your welcome!
Thanks! It was a special time!

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