Friday, February 10, 2017

Girls Day Out!

Oh my!  We had such a fun time today shopping for baby things with Lydia!  
She wanted to find a dresser and a few things to put in it for Baby Girl. 
And we had the joy of going along with her!!! 
We had a blast! 
 Lydia had a list, and was checking it twice before we left.
 And one other very fun thing she wanted to get was a scrapbook to start putting pictures in for Baby Girl.  She found this adorable book and some even more adorable stickers!  
 We just counted the number of places we went to and it totaled sixteen stops in about 8 hours! 
She purchased everything from an amazing solid wood dresser at a thrift store,
down to little baby nail clippers! 
We just had such a sweet time together!  And it was a super special blessing to be there while she shopped for their Baby Girl and make these memories.

 She got most of the things on her list to get them started for the first few weeks! 

We got to feel Baby Girl kick and move today!  I think she heard all her aunties having so much fun and wanted to be a part of the party! : -) We can't wait to see her!  Only about 9 weeks left!
Woo hoo! 
Thank you, Lydia, so much for this awesome time we had with you and Baby today! 
We love you all soooooo much!  


Victoria Bowes said...

Soooo fun!!!!! We sure had a blast! I love being an Aunt! :)

Meemom said...

Sounds like so much fun... so sorry I missed it. Anxious to see this beautiful little gift from God.

Taylor Smith said...

Aww looks like fun!! What a special time
Thanks for sharing the pictures

Hannah Gardner said...

Awe! Our church has been continually praying for the Tevis baby girl and of course for soon to be mommy and daddy! So excited for this precious baby to appear. I know she's been a huge answer to prayer already. God Bless :-) - Hannah

Shiloh said...

So special!! I'm so happy for you, Lydia!!!

Eden said...

So exciting! :):)

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