Saturday, February 25, 2017

Check out What Caroline is Up To in Today's Newspaper . . .

You can read this little intro or skip down to link to the newspaper at the bottom . . .
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Caroline has been a busy girl these past few weeks, 
as she takes on leading a 40 Days for Life campaign in our nearby city!
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I think most of you dear readers know about Caroline's testimony of not being aborted when she and her 3 siblings were at their youngest stage of life . . .  7 weeks-old in my womb.   We had just watched their four little hearts beating on the ultrasound screen, when we were handed a business card by the nurse as she said, "Don't worry . . .he will take care of it."  Then, a little while later at our first high-risk OB appointment, it was also recommended that we "reduce the pregnancy to two"
 . . . . babies?  

We are sooooo thankful that we knew the Creator of Life at that time, and that we could trust Him to see us all through the pregnancy!  We always think about had we not had this knowledge in our hearts at the time, and had followed the medical advice we received . . . . 
which two of our beautiful children would we not have today?
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So fueled by her personal testimony, and her developing passion for defending life and offering hope to moms in crisis, she has followed the Lord's prompting to step-up
and lead this 40 Days for Life campaign in Centralia.  
You can read more about her story and about the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in today's local newspaper at:  Today's Article in The Chronicle

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Also, for more information on the 40 Days for Life campaign, you can do so here: 

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Please keep Caroline and the campaign in your prayers for the next 40 + days! 
Thanks so much!

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