Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Were Recently Asked . . .

 . . . how was your weekend?
And we answered  . . . "LIFE ALTERING . . .how 'bout you?!" ;-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Yes, indeed, we've had a monumental change in our home!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The addition of two new little ones to our family!
A four-year old boy and a 2 1/2 year-old girl!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(We aren't able to share any more details for now!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks so much to Valerie for many of these pictures!

 You'll see in many of these pictures that G. absolutely adores Anna the Aussie!

 They got to meet Richie and Lydia soon into their settling in here!

 Meeting the puppies!
 Aww . . .getting a kiss from Kyle!


   Lydia made caramel covered apples dipped in lots of yummy m and m's and other ymmy things!

Helping me open a couple birthday presents!
 Enjoying the ice-cream treats Kyle treated everyone to the first night they were with us!
Cuddling at bedtime! 

 Making cupcakes with Caroline! : -)

Game time!
  Kyle gave everyone rides on his new mower!
 Kite flying . . .without any wind! ;-)

  Lots of book reading going on!
 And it didn't take very long to get them atop Victoria's horse Bree!
They LOVED their ride!


Meemom said...

These two young ones are beautiful children. Hope it wont be long before they feel right at home. I would think that should be soon with all the love being shown to them. WE love seeing the pictures of everyone. Meemom

NaSa Frazer said...

Praise the Lord!!! How tremendously exciting! May the Lord bless these two little ones!


Emma said...

Oh wow! How very exciting!!! They are both simply a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!
I will be praying for everyone, as you all adjust to a new routine and settle into life as one big happy family!
Much love,
Emma <3

Kelley said...

Love love love these pictures! Can't wait to meet them!!

Teresa B said...

What a special blessing, for all! Congrats!

David Frazer said...

What an inspiration your family is to ours as we watch you welcome these little ones into your family...these children who are so dear to the heart of our Lord!


The Bowes Family said...

Awh, I just saw this!!! So awesome!! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures, Mommy, and thank you everyone for celebrating with us! How incredibly special it is to be a son and big brother in this family! I am so blessed. Thank you, Lord!!


AZDonna said...

What wonderful news! Those two adorable children must be having the time of their lives with so much fun and tender caring going on all around them. God bless you as you love on these precious kids. Can't wait to hear more on how they came to be in your home.

Elanee said...

Such special additions to your family, and such beautiful pictures! We're so happy for you all, and praying for God's blessings on your family!

The Bowes Family said...

Thank you so much dear friends and family for all your love expressed here.
We appreciate SO much the time you take to stop by and leave such encouraging thoughts and words. It means more than you'll ever know! Thank you so very much!

You all are such a blessing to us, and we are just SOOOO grateful for you!!!
May God bless you!
Robyn/Mrs. Bowes/Mom :-)

Eden said...

Such an exciting blessing! :) :)

Gracie Smith said...

What special pictures and verses! Praise the Lord such precious little ones and may the Lord bless you for caring for them!

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