Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Formal Dance!

Valerie planned a wonderful Formal English Country Dance that was held this past Saturday!
Thanks to the Smythe's for telling us about and securing the awesome location
and helping with the music and sound!
And a special thanks to the dance callers and all the helpers! 
We so appreciate all you did to make this such a special day!
Thanks so much to all the friends who came out to the dance!  You made it so fun! 
We are so grateful for all the food you brought to share, too!
What a blessing you all are!


Below is just a sampling of some of the dances.
I took more video this time . . .
so not too many photos!  Sorry about that!
Maybe I can get one of the kids to upload some of the videos!
They are a lot of fun to watch!  


Victoria said...

Wow! Yay!!! Thank you so much Mrs. Bowes for all these wonderful pictures! Valerie, you did an incredible job! It all looks so fun!!!

Elanee said...

Thanks so much for all these pictures Mrs. Bowes!! And thank you all for all you did to plan and coordinate the dance. It was such a wonderful event, and such a blessing to be a part of. I think everything turned out so lovely, and everyone had such a wonderful time. Thank you all so much, and especially Valerie for all the work you did:)

shiloh said...

Oh my that one picture of Brielle looking up as Evan takes her hand is *totally* ADORABLE!! I love it!!
Valerie, you did a lovely job hosting!! And Mrs. Bowes, love the pics and I really hope you post some video footage.... =) I loved your video from last time... I've watched it a few times. ;-)

<3 <3 Shiloh

Eden said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures! I had fun looking through them all! :):) You captured some great moments, haha! :) Thanks for inviting us, we had sooo much fun! :):)

AZDonna said...

Oh my, those lovely gals and handsome guys! What a fun evening. xoxox

Victoria Bowes said...

What wonderful photos! Thank you sooooo much, Mom!!! You did an amazing job once again!

Thank you sooo much to all those who came and made this such a memorable event! We had a blast!

Caroline Bowes said...

Thank you SO much Momma for taking such great pictures of the dance!! It's such a blessing to me and was so great to look at all of them!!!

Evan Smythe said...


Mrs. Bowes, you've done it again! Such great photos!!!! Thank you SO much again for posting these photos. That was such a special time! Valerie did an amazing job planning everything. All the thought into the decorations and small details really made the event an even more special time. Your photos were amazing! Thank you for capturing the moments that were special-memories at the perfect time. You really are quite the photographer! :)

Austin Tilley said...

Those pictures are so Awesome! Thank you so much Mrs. Bowes for taking all those photos and doing ALL the work going through them to find just the right ones to post! WOW!!! That's a lot of work, Thank you so much!!! Its always such a blessing to look back on such fun memories with you guys! :)

The Bowes Family said...

Thanks so much ya'll for the kind comments! It is very fun and encouraging for me to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to stop and comment! I am so grateful for you all!
Mom Bowes

Anonymous said...

Oh boy!! That looks like it must have been so much fun!! Valerie you did an amzing job at making it all look sooo pretty and fall-ish!!

The pictures are great, Mrs. Bowes, lovely job as always!! Brielle looks like a baby doll in her fluffy dress, so cute!


Valerie Bowes said...

Thanks so much for all the amazing pictures, Mommy! Your photography of all these special events, (and the blog posts that follow) blesses everyone immensely! I know it is not listed in the "spiritual" gifts list in the bible☺ . . .but it definitely is a God given gift and talent you have been given. :) Thank you for using it to love others and bring glory to the Lord!
Thanks so much for the sweet comments everyone! It was SO fun to plan the dance and I really appreciated all the help each and every one of you gave! You all are a blessing! Thank you for coming and making it so fun and special!

Caroline Bowes said...

Oh I just LOVE looking back at all of these amazing pictures that captured such a wonderful evening with wonderful friends! :-) Amen to what Valerie said! Mommy, you have such a gift from our Lord and it's such blessing to me! Thank you SO much for taking such special pictures for us to look back on and remember the goodness of God in every day He gives!Love you so much and am SO thankful for you!

Thank you ALL SO much for coming and making the dance such a blessing to all of us! God is so good to bring such wonderful people in to our lives that bring us so much joy. :-)

Meemom said...

Great pictures!!!! Brielle looked adorable!!! Thanks, Robyn, for taking time to document these special times and take great pictures. Did not know Caroline could fly like that.

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